Direct Internet Australia

Direct Internet Australia (DIA) specialises in bringing business ideas to life with smart, affordable technology solutions. Our approach is to focus on business requirements and outcomes rather than just the technology.

The DIA team have a wealth of experience delivering successful projects in a wide range of industries and business sectors. Our hosted technology solutions have been developed to deliver hassle free, cost effective solutions for companies of any size.



Direct Selling Association of Australia

In addition to our business and commercial references we are also a very proud member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia. The DSAA was established in 1967 to grow and promote the direct selling industry, its aims and opportunities within the Australian community. It is the national organisation for direct selling companies who market and distribute their goods and services directly to consumers in their home or workplace rather than at a fixed retail location. Our membership with the association supports the ideal of promoting the direct selling industry with the highest levels of business ethics and consumer confidence.